Who am I, and why am here? No, I’m not a teen-ager…

retiringwomenblog is a collection of essays, poems, photos and favorite music describing my evolution from a professional, working woman/single parent to a semi-retired (unintentionally), happily married woman nearing my sixth decade on the planet. Reactions and inspiration from others in a similar place in their lives are welcome!

After my son and only child graduated from college in 2013, I expected to continue working full-time, probably as a legal professional, for at least another ten years. But the metaphorical rug has been pulled out from under me for a variety of reasons. In this blog I’ll explore what those reasons have been, and how I have gradually begun my process of retiring which, as I’ll explain, is different from retirement. Retiring for me has challenged me in ways I haven’t been challenged since I was a teen-aged girl. It has asked things of me, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, that I believed were settled a long time ago. It has not presented me with what I call Viagra moments: fun-loving, sexy, bucket-list-filled days filled with a feeling of new-found freedom. Rather I have experienced some of the darkest times I can recall, times of deepest sadness, physical debilitation, inability to grasp any comfort from a spiritual perspective. The questions, who am I? and what is my purpose, loom large again. These musings are my attempt to answer those questions with self-reflection, humor and gratitude. I hope to reach women out there in the blogosphere who are searching for a sense of being at home in their new selves, not defined by their work lives, their parenting struggles, their intimate relationships, or their level of physical activity.  I am a piece of clay that has been beaten down into a nearly unrecognizable new shape. I’m hoping to learn to love the look of this new Self.


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